Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I receive my photos? 

Two to three weeks post contest via Dropbox.

How will I receive my photos?

A Dropbox link will be sent to the email provided at time of check out. 

How do I download my photos? 

Click link. Log into existing Dropbox account OR create a free account. Once photos appear click square in right corner to select all. Select Download. 

What if my Dropbox is too full?

We recommend you clear available existing storage to make space for your images. 

 "It's been three weeks, I still haven't received my photos!"

Please check your spam folder for a link from Dropbox. If you still do not see a link in any of your inboxes, please contact us at DanRayPhotography@gmail.com - please include order number, competitor name, competitor number and email address the order is requested to be sent to. Orders will be adjusted/sent as soon as possible.